About me

I´m Oihane (pronounced o-YAH-neh /əʊ jə neh/) and I am a London based fashion and beauty photographer.

Born and raised in a coastal town in the North of Spain, I now live in London where I work as a fashion photographer and retoucher.

Growing up by the sea and surrounded by dramatic landscapes, it's no surprise I love shooting on location whenever the occasion arises, with a passion for natural light and storytelling.

Publications: Om Yoga MagazineElegant Magazine, Dreamingless Magazine, Fab Uk Magazine, Up Pocket Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Vogue.co.uk.

Clients include Röhnisch and Martina London

I'd love to help you bring your vision to life, so you'd like me to shoot your campaign or lookbook, don't hesitate to contact me to chat about ideas.

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